What do the world’s leading historians have to say about Jesus, the New Testament, and the early Christians?

Whatever your religious beliefs, I invite you to join me in creating this online resource - in effect a whole bookcase of reading summarised into a few webpages.

Please send your contributions to jesushistoryproject@gmail.com

This site is very happy to include quotations from authors of all religious beliefs and none.  Many of the quotations in this site disagree with each other, and that’s fine – this site is not pushing any one particular “answer”, and is neither “for” nor “against” Christianity as such, or religion more generally.  Many of the authors quoted would see themselves as Christians of one kind of another, many would not.  What we are interested in is the truth, whatever that truth might be.

This site has quotations from about 200 different authors so far and it would be great if together we were able to add to that.

If you have suggestions for quotations that it would be useful to have on the site then please send them to me.  All excerpts must be of reasonable length, from a leading specialist in that particular area of history, and relatively recent.  Please format them in the same way, and let me know where you got them from.  If a point is relevant to more than one page then it can be duplicated, no problem.  Ten quotations or excerpts is the maximum from any one particular author - so if you do send a quotation you then you also need to suggest which of that author’s other quotations should be eliminated.

If you are one of the authors quoted and would like me to use different excerpts then please send them to me.  Alternatively feel free to create short summaries of your thoughts (300 words max for each topic and 10 contributions max).  You will notice that I am not making any money whatsoever from this site. If you want me to add links to facilitate the purchase of your books then I am more than happy to do that.  If you do not want your views to be part of this project then please just let me know and I will happily and immediately remove all direct quotations from your work.

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