Other Jewish miracle workers, exorcists and holy men

“…there were a good many wandering teachers like him at the time”.  (Diarmaid MacCulloch – Professor Oxford)

[other Jewish holy men of the first century CE]  Honi [Honi the Circle Drawer - a Jewish holy man] alluded to himself as a son of the divine household…. In regard to Hanina [Hanina ben Dosa]….we are faced with the testimony of the heavenly voice, similar to that heard at the baptism and the Transfiguration of Jesus.., heard not once, but every day:  “The whole world is sustained on account of Hanina, my son”… Hanina ben Dosa was a first century Galilean, probably a younger contemporary of Jesus.   The earliest layers of the rabbinic tradition depict him as… rain… [and also] as a person of outstanding devotion who was a famous healer and a master over the demonic powers.  He was.. rabbinic Judaism’s most prominent wonder-worker whose death marketed the end of the era of the “men of deeds” (mSotah 9:15), but he is also remembered as the author of a small number of moral teachings. … Hanina’s….supernatural transformation of vinegar into oil – similar to the changing of water into wine by Jesus.  Hanina’ daughter in error filled the Sabbath lamp with vinegar and noticed it too late to correct the mistake.  Her father told her to light it and the lamp went on burning all day long”. (Geza Vermes – Professor Oxford)

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